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Devenir means to become. 

To become.

That’s the entire reason Devenir exists; to inspire women to become all that God has called them to be.

I love the thought behind the word become. Become doesn’t allude to an arrival but rather a process; a continual moving towards something. One step after another toward growth and destiny. The process reminds me of that of a metamorphosis. 

I remember a few years ago buying my kids a butterfly habitat. We watched as the cute little furry caterpillars created a comfy cocoon and slipped away for a while. As time passed, they emerged, no longer as caterpillars, but as beautiful butterflies ready to be released and fly. 

That is how God’s process of growing and developing us is. There are times when all we can wrap our minds around is that we are caterpillars... while feeling the tug that we were created to fly! God put desires and dreams inside you to fulfill them, not to frustrate you. He calls you to become the woman that He created you to be. A woman of wholeness, not perfection. A woman of excellence and purpose. There is no arrival moment, but there is always movement forward towards becoming the best version of YOU.

Colossians 3 talks about becoming more like the image of our creator. The word become that is used alludes to an ongoing process, an ongoing becoming, a continual transformation. This is a process without limitations, an invitation to grow some wings and fly… to become more like Him every day, a discovery of the wonderful and beautiful things about how He created you in the process. 

This process of becoming is between you and God, but you’re not alone! You are surrounded by a fierce group of women who inspire, who help each other fulfill their destiny, and enjoy the life that they are living. Ultimately, we are your own personal cheer squad, mixed together with the older sister you’ve always wanted, here to encourage you to become everything God has called you to be! 

Whatever stage or season of life you are in, wherever you are in the process of becoming, we at Devenir celebrate you and cheer you on forward toward your best!